“Here is ZINE 7th Bangkok”

  • Oct 4, 2013



Enlightenment ヒロ杉山さんが主催する、
”Here is ZINE 7th Bangkok”にFUGAHUMが参加します。


ショッピングモール“CENTRAL WORLD”内にある
セレクトショップ“Next to normal”にて開催されます。

期間 2013年10月22日〜11月21日


Next to normal

ZINE started in New York in 1970. It serves as a space to showcase interesting book design and handmade magazine from artists, designers, photographers and creators from across the globe. From this starting point, “ubies” a network of international designers founded in Japan, extended the idea further to “Here is ZINE Tokyo”. The project started off in Japan in 2008 and has been held for 6 times. In this year, Practical Design Studio in collaboration with next to NORMAL a multi-label fashion store in Bangkok hold the ZINE exhibition for first time in Thailand and this is the first time that this exhibition is held outside Japan under the name “Here is ZINE 7th Bangkok – Tokyo” under the theme of “Left to Right – Right to Left” The idea of “Left to Right – Right to Left” exhibition started from an observation of the way both Thais and Japanese read and how they are travel from Thailand to Japan. The curator of this exhibition is Kanoknuch Sillpawisawakul from Practical Design Studio and Hiro Sugiyama from Enlightenment Exhibition opening is on the 22nd October 2013 at 19.00hr. Atrium Zone, 1st floor CentralWorld (In front of ‘next to NORMAL’)

Exhibition date from 22nd October – 21st November 2013 at ‘next to NORMAL’ 1st floor, Atrium zone, CentralWorld